If you've just bought your new Offend My Eyes T-shirt - congratulations! You've invested in a garment that will last you a lifetime. It will never fade in the wash or lose it's shape, but here's a simple guide to getting the most love out of your latest purchase.




Wash on a fast, cold cycle


This will clean your clothing sufficiently and avoid washing too many fibres into the waterways. We recommend turning your items inside out before washing too.


Hang dry only


Our material dries fast and does not require ironing, so you can put it on and off you go!


Give it a comb every few years


After enjoying your garment for a few years, you might notice small bobbles of fibre on the surface when you look closely. This is called 'piling' and is completely normal. It won't effect your design, but if you'd like to remove it you can do so with a piling brush, sandpaper, a disposable razor or even a pumice stone.