Our beliefs and promises

Our beliefs and promises

Being proud to be different  

As a company run by people who identify as transgender, gay and lesbian, we believe it is important to create a brand that embraces individuality and expressive creativity. 

Drag World Queen

Our designs are influenced by our lives and how we percieve the world around us. Every piece of clothing we make features artwork hand drawn by our transgender artist and we try to include characters and bodies which represent a wide range of identities in a positive way. 

Through our outfits, we explore colours, shapes and ideas that embrace the differences that we should be proud of. We have specially designed our clothing to fit all bodies, regardless of shape, size and gender.

Mutha Tucka

Being environmentally aware 

We are continually thinking about our presence on this planet and how we as a company can reduce our negative impact. While we are aware that we still have a lot of work to do, some of the changes we've made recently include;

  • Replacing our plastic carrier bags with re-useable, non-plastic tote bags

  • Replacing plastic storage with re-useable zip lock bags
  • Opting not to use single-use plastic when possible

  • Researching and implementing printing processes that produce less waste

  • Using solar power at our festival stall where we can

  • Replacing cable ties with re-usable cable ties

  • Swapping to digital invoices to reduce paper consumption

  • Choosing digital options over printed paper when possible


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