Hand drawn art
Crazy, colourful, creative. Offend My Eyes is a collection of bold, fun, daring designs that empower the LGBTQ+ community and challenge harmful social stereotypes. Artwork with no limits.
From T-shirts to tattoos, our artwork makes a statement wherever it is seen!
Meet the Artist
Jack Bean
Jack is the artist and the creative force behind Offend My Eyes
Jack bean
artist. nomad. transman.
"Weirdo" /ˈwɪədəʊ/ noun .... A weirdo is a person who behaves and / or dresses in ways that are considered odd or unconventional. Weirdo is based on the adjective weird, which most commonly means strange, odd, peculiar, or bizarre.
At 34 years old, Jack Bean is the very definition of a 'weirdo.' Strange, eccentric and awkward yet colourful, fun and kind. Inspired by his compelling life as an alternative transgender man traveling round the world with his lesbian wife, his artwork is as bold and daring as he is and challenges society to see things from an underdog's perspective
work with us
Got an interesting idea for a collaboration? Have a product you'd like to see adorned with our artwork? Get in touch and see if we can create something awesome together.
Ouija Macc x offend
We teamed up with Psychopathic's dirtiest artist Ouija Macc to create a range of clothing fit for an army of gutter dwellers
Sstutter x offend
What do you get when you cross colourful artwork with statement jewellery? Colourful, statement jewellery to make you stand out in a crowd!
drag race x offend
It's no secret that we love drag and everything it stands for, so no wonder we teamed up with Artists from around the world to create this collaboration
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